Anomaly Groups

About: RSC Institution, isn't the only group that is researching paranormal and metaphysical events. There are many more groups that are working for their personal gains or to protect humanity. Some of them are rival groups, groups that cut their connections with the Institution and some are partners with it. The institution decided to write a file to point out the groups they know and their behavior for them.


Demolition Forces (DF)

Relation: Enemy

About: Demolition Forces is a group that cut its connection with the RSC Institution. They normally work for their personal gains and to strengthen their global basis. They don't only work with anomaly's but they are also in the black market, trying to destroy rival groups.

In places that are poor in economy and being ruled with authoritarianism, they target children and adults to put in their group and that, makes these places stay weak and in war which makes them have even more authority around the world and trading market.

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North Atlantic Research Association (NARA)

Relation: Ally

About: Around 1950's, "RSC" and "NATO" decided to establish "NARA" to expedite the relation between each other. Its purpose is to destroy powerful anomalies and make weapons out of them.

Practically, NARA is the part of the group that has the hardest work. In the ways of solving problems and as settling down the competition between anomally groups, it's really worth.

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Научный союз (Science Union)

Relation: Neutral

About: It is known that it was established in the USSR era. Even though it is mostly known as the "Science Union", it is also called "Research Union". With the leadership of Joseph Stalin, it was established by the known physicist Abram Ioffe. The purpose of the institution is to use anomalies to advance their political, economic and military situation. It also works for the world to get to a better point in science and technology. As different than the other research groups, they stick up for scientific socialism. They picked GSU as their enemy. It is known that they did agency throughout the war. At last, after the fall of USSR in 1991, they changed their targets to secondary events. After the fall of USSR, anomaly creatures stayed in this group. They are using these anomalies for their advantage. Since their economic situation is not good, their numbers of events decreased.

Note: With the order of AD-9, it is forbidden for RSC-892 to contact the "Science Union".

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Manhattan Robotics

Relation: Bad

About: Manhattan Robotics is a company that was established around the 1980's by Mr. Wallace. The company is advanced in technology. They have advanced artificial intelligence robots, advanced weaponry etc. The company had some connection with the institution by some RSC's but we still don't know much about Manhattan Robotics. If any employee from Manhattan Robotics is caught, he will be interrogated in a rough way if needed.

Manhattan Robotics is known for the products it sold. Most of them were confiscated by the institution but some of them are still missing. Even though most of the employees are caught, Mr. Wallace is still not found.

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The Enalsifa Order

Relation: Neutral

About: Enalsifa Order was established around the 1890s by Markov Lieman. At first, it was a religious order that was connected with RSC but after the attack to RSC-001, it cut its connection with RSC and became free order. Later on, since there were no experiments made on RSC-001, the relation turned "Neutral" from "Rival". Even though it's known as a "Research Group" but it actually is a "Religion Group". Their main purpose is to make Enalsifa's free and find new ones.

For More Information: Enalsifa Forces Info


Secure Investigation Services (S.I.S)

Relation: Secret

About: In the middle of the 1940's, Adolf Hitler decided to take make a smart move. He established a secret intelligence force called "S.I.S." which only Nazi generals knew of. He secretly worked on the intelligence force throughout the war. Later on, with the order of Adolf Hitler, the group went to the concentration camps helping with the experiments on the Jewish and helped to store the data.

In 1977, with the new manager of the group Albert Adalwolf, the groups objective was changed to protect humanity from anomalies and keep them. S.I.S. didn't attack anyone if they didn't attack them. The place of the group is not found around the globe yet. S.I.S. is a worthy ally but also a powerful enemy.

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Black Right Hand

Relation: Neutral

About: Institution does not have any knowledge about the Black Right-Hand group. All the information known has been gathered by NARA. It seems like the group embraced the usage of the paranormal items. They mostly keep humanoid and responsive anomalies.

They identify themselves as "Wizard Group". They don't have any recorded harmful acts. Some of the anomalies categorizations are made with Black Right Hand.

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Marcell's Women

Relation: Neutral

About: The organization generally produces products on sexuality under its own diameter using unknown abnormal features, and they sell them for financial gain.

In general, it has been observed that they use force for their own purposes, although the organization significantly prevents this organization, they continue their activities.

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