Discovery: The anomaly has been found by NYPD's while it was trying to stop a bank robbery on 12/12/19██, USA, New York. The Chief Constable of New York █████ █████ has awarded the anomaly while live broadcasting around the world. In Washington DC, the anomaly has been kidnapped by the Institution's spies and taken to Facility- ██.

Containment Procedures: On Facility- ██, RSC-017 must be kept in a room that fully light permeable and with 2 nests in it. For security, one (1) Zeta-X personnel has been appointed on outside of RSC-017's containment room.

Description: RSC-017 is some kind of organic humanoid bird creature. The age of the anomaly is unknown. Their height is 172 cm. There is a clock on their arm that is being believed that it guides them. The creature does not need water. On any circumstances, only 20 minute of research time is given. RSC-017's adaptation ability is better than other creatures. In a secret experiment not mentioned in the name of RSC-017, after █████████ ████████ model machine has been used under a method that is still unexplained and research still underway, the anomaly has been transformed into that. After this experiement, ███████ procedure has been applied and only personnel level-3 and above has been allowed to enter its room. Personnel below level-3 is strictly not allowed to enter the room. The anomaly is strictly not allowed to leave the room as required by the procedure. It has an defense to all kinds of attacks. Some personnel's name the anomaly as "Copycat". The anomaly does not respond when asked how they gained the adaptation and defense ability. He reads the memories of the people who talk to him or chat with him and understands their problems, the anomaly tries to help them and it's been observed that they enjoy this action. Currently, Birdy Max's all actions made in the room is being recorded 7/24. The data has been made by AD-█ , AD-1 and Administrator and the data generated on Facility- ██ replicated and stored for review by the Special Monitoring Command.

[Additional Note]: In an interview with the Institute's Chief Researcher , Birdy Max has said that "They love the human beings and wants to be human as soon as possible." however, the idea was suspended because it was thought that this idea could have bad consequences for the Institution.

Interview made with RSC-017 on ██/██/████:

RSC-017: (in an angry manner) Hey, what are you doing? Knock the door!

Dr.███████: Hello. I'm Dr.███████. Sorry for disturbing, I wanted to ask you some few questions, that's why I came.

RSC-017: (Excited) Alright then, let's start, I can't wait.

Dr.███████: What is your race and civilization?

RSC-017: (Immersed) Our master has created a beautiful world for us.

Dr.███████: What kind of world is that, and who is your master?

RSC-017: It was bigger than your world and there were more birds like me…

Dr.███████: Was there more just like you?

RSC-017: Well, there was but the war made our planet inhabitable. We were split in two. We were divided into Defeatists and Good, and I was one of the "good" ones. The others betrayed all the people because they think defeatists were going to win, and we had no choice other than running away. I remember that we were 3 people, I had a friend named "Gudiky", and they landed probably somewhere in Asia I think. My other friend fell on an island that I don't know, and I landed in the New York, I hope I can find my friends soon.

[Additional Note-2]: Because The name "Max" was written on the card in the anomaly's pocket of his suit, the institution's staff called this RSC "Birdy Max". It is currently unknown what is the true name of the anomaly.

[Additional Note-3]: Mrs. Nova, wrote a small article that reported his views on RSC-017.

"I've seen many abnormal things in my life, but for the first time in my life I see such a sweet anomaly. I hope I can arrange a meeting with the RSC-017 one day, I would be happy about it."

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