General Information

If you are listening to this, you are now part of the human protective organization.

Mankind has been sheltering for years, making weapons, building communities and struggling to defend itself, but they don't know whether they are safe or not. Every person wants security. And that's why we're here.
Humanity should be protected and the institution should save the fate of humanity. Humanity should not suffer more and suffer more. The institution is the only salvation for the mankind. We are the ones who will sacrifice ourselves for humanity. Humanity should never fall between the silent and terrible arms of the darkness, no one else can save us, and we have to stand up and fight. It is true that humanity may be worthless life forms for the universe, but humanity has to learn and fight this cruel and abnormal universe. No matter how much we hide or struggle, we know they will never end. but we are here, we are the institutions we are the last stronghold and protectors of humanity. Becouse we

Research, Secure, Contain.

— Administrator

Our Task

Abnormal activity on the universe secured and kept confidential by the RSC Institution. thus preventing massive panic and the resulting chaos. And mankind continue it's normal life. The institution works in complete privacy and works every day to protect and maintain the veil of normality under humanity. it is aimed that civil life never learns of the RSC Institution and lives a normal life distant from abnormal activities. RSC Institution has 3 main goals.

These are the 3 main goals:

Research - Researching

Research is carried out through branches affiliated to the institution worldwide for any abnormal factors or threats.

Secure - Securing

Ensuring security around the world will always be our duty. therefore all abnormal beings are secured.

Contain - Preserving

The institution secures abnormal beings, acquires information about them and protects humanity.


Each of the personnel in the institution is distributed according to different occupational groups. Some of them work for the army, some rule and some research.

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Object Classes

All stored abnormal objects, entities, and phenomena are assigned to an Object Class. An Object Class is part of a standard RSC template and it serves as a rough indicator to determine how difficult an object will be. In the Universe, Object Classes are for the purposes of determining containment requirements, research priority, budgeting, and other issues. The Object Class of an RSC is determined by a number of factors, but the most important factors are the difficulty and purpose it contains, the classes are given below.

You can gain more info about the object classes by clicking the link below.

Object Classes

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