Licence of RSC Institution
  • Licence of fictions and texts

    • Our fictions and writes are totally produce from our imagination.
      • Our articles are completely legal to copy except for use for personal purposes and profit.
      • It is forbidden to steal our work. That's means an investigation will be opened about the person and the place you published with. This can cause you to get into trouble as a result of legal proceedings.

    Licence of fiction names

    • Object Class names coming from Greek Alphabet.
      • We never said that names was produced by ourselves.
    • Our anomaly names given from our imagination.
      • It is completely legal to use everywhere.
    • And other named things in the institution is coming from our own imagination.

    Licence of photos, images, symbols and icons

    • Object Class icons, RSC symbols and other icons you can see in this institution are produced by us.
      • Anyone can freely use them anywhere but it is forbidden to use it for your own interests.
    • The pictures we take or find for our edits are used in accordance with the license services and are completely free to use anywhere.

    Licence of Modules and theme's CSS codes

    • The entire theme and modules was created by Maximum Tension programing and design lab.
      • The CSS codes prepared for Theme and all modules are not produced specifically for this site.
      • You can get the modules and a special CSS theme from Maximum Tension group.
    • All Modules are will be used only on this site and our Sandbox address.
    • You can get some CSS values, but you can't get the entire CSS code of a theme or module.
      • You should ask that to Maximum Tension group for get these values for use on your page or web site.
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- 01/08/2020 (Teoman Deniz)
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License