What are the object classes ?

All stored abnormal objects, entities, and phenomena are assigned to an Object Class. An Object Class is part of a standard RSC template and serves as a rough indicator to determine how difficult an object will be. In the Universe, Object Classes are for the purposes of determining containment requirements, research priority, budgeting, and other issues. The Object Class of an RSC is determined by a number of factors, but the most important factors are the difficulty and purpose it contains.



Harmless, non harming unless provoked or it's abnormal effects are connected to a safe factor. They are abnormal entities with harmless properties when they are on their own.



Lambda class anomaly's actions about what they can do are unpredictable but they can be secured. Because what they can do is not fully known, they must be approached with taking precautions. This class is also used for medium-threatening abnormal entities.



This class is for abnormal entities that contains highly-threatening violent behaviors. These entities must be kept contained at all times. Therefore they require high security.

Custom Crafted Object Classes



This class is given to RSC's that can play with reality and could trigger disaster scenarios which possess danger or not. All the files belonging to this class are level 4 above.

What are the containment classes?

A containment class of an anomaly is included in it's own identification card, and it's used to show the containment level of the anomaly.

Green Level


Green Level containment classes are generally given to RSC's that can be easily secured. This class can be used even if the anomaly is dangerous or not.

Yellow Level


Yellow-level containment classes given to RSC's that can be generally secured but also that can surpass the containment easily or hardly.

Red Level


Red-level containment classes are generally given to RSC's that require advanced retention procedures that are difficult to secure. these types of containment procedures generally make surveillance a top priority.

Black Level


Containment class that is unlikely to be stored in any way and the containment procedure is near impossible, no such containment class has been successful in these RSC's.

What are the anomaly types?

Anomaly types are used to identify an RSC's features as an "type".

Microscopic Anomaly

Anomalies that are too small to be seen without extra hardware.

Shape-shifting Anomaly

Anomalies that can change their physical form.

Humanoid Anomaly

Anomalies that resemble a human by their physical forms

Water Anomaly

Aquatic anomalies that live on water.

Object anomaly

Anomalies that resemble an "object".

Mechanic Anomaly

Anomalies with a completely mechanical structure.

Bio-Mechanic Anomaly

Anomalies that have integrated mechanical structures into their organic form.

Inorganic Anomaly

Anomalies made by a person / thing.

Organic Anomaly

Anomalies that consisting of a completely organic structure.

Unknown Anomaly

Anomalies that are discussed and whose presence is mostly enigmatic.

Mental Anomaly

Anomalies that do not have a specific physical form but have a high impact on minds.

Regional Anomaly

Anomalies that are a "region".

Extraterrestrial Anomaly

Anomalies that found outside of the world or originating outside the world.

Multiple Anomaly

Anomalies that are self-replicating or found multiple.

Substance Anomaly

Liquid, gas or physical anomalies that can change their physical state.

Cyber Anomaly

Software-based anomalies.

Place Anomaly

Anomalies that are covering only a certain area.

Arthropod Anomaly

Anomalies that are similar to living things belonging to the arthropod group.

Dimensional Anomaly

Anomalies that can be used to open any dimension or can that can switch or travel between dimensions.

Goods Anomaly

Anomalies that man made and portable objects used in various works and for various purposes.

Animal Anomaly

It is a type of anomaly given to organic animals which do not seem normal in nature or do not take action.

Plant Anomaly

Anomalies that resemble a plant physically or contain normal biological functions.

Plasma Anomaly

An anomaly type that does not have any material structure but consists of pure energy.

Time Anomaly

It is the type given to anomalies that cause temporal paradoxes.

Geological Anomaly

It is the type given to anomalies that can affect the geological activities of the Earth.

Meteorological Anomaly

It is the type given to anomalies that can affect meteorological activities.

Magnetic Anomaly

It is the type given to anomalies that creating magnetic field or magnetic events.

Ray Anomaly

It is the type that the anomaly does not have any physical structure but is given to the anomaly types consisting of a certain wavelength.

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