Site Rules

  • It is strictly forbidden to transfer the fictions to this site! The use of modules in the site or sandbox is legal, but if a module has been transferred from other site or if the theme of the site is transferred, an investigation will be launched about the wiki and legal actions will be taken on site managers-staff.

Forum Rules

  • Slang and rough words are strictly prohibited in the forum. If it is not exaggerated, criticism is free.
  • It is forbidden to make spam and idle comments in the forum.
  • It is forbidden to open a discussion irrelevant to the forum topic or topic you have opened.
  • It is forbidden to post and open NSFW or NSFL comments in the forum.

Sandbox Rules

  • It is forbidden to write fictitious constructs that do not introduce an anomaly. (must be a logical and annotating article)
  • It is forbidden to open tabs for no reason and write spam over the sandbox.
  • It is forbidden to add 1000px and over pictures as files to your anomaly.

See the entire licence of RSC Institution

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